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Introducing Brushstrokes®…The New Original.

In the last hundred years, there has been a great divide in the art world.  On the one hand we have master artists painting incredible originals; on the other hand, we have art publishers trying to find ways to reproduce these originals.  Throughout, art publishers have been trying to reduce this gap.  Although some advancement has been made, the quality of reproductions has greatly lagged with respect to capturing the intrinsic nuances of color, light and texture inherent in the originals…until now…

Welcome to Brushstrokes®…The New Original

Brushstrokes® is a revolutionary new art form that fully captures the exquisite color, shadows and every stroke of the artist’s brush in three dimensional detail.  In a side-by-side comparison, even the most discerning eye will find little difference between a   Brushstrokes® image and the original oil-on-canvas.  Faithful to the artist’s vision, the result is amazing — an authentic painting that is closer to the original than any other reproduction.  So much so, that we call it…The New Original.

The Making of a Brushstrokes®

Brushstrokes® offers the unique combination of modern day technology and Old World craftsmanship.  We start with a proprietary process that captures with incredible accuracy, all the vibrant and subtle colors of the original painting as well as the depth, sweep and force of each of the artist’s brush strokes.  This information is then used with our patented process to create a painting on canvas with three-dimensional texture, rich in authentic colors that are indistinguishable from the original. 

At this stage in its creation a Brushstrokes® is far superior to any other reproduction including Giclees.  This is only the beginning.  Our master artists, academy trained from some of the finest art schools in the world, apply a variety of special finishes to each painting to allow the light in your home to highlight its vibrancy and beauty, as well as to provide protection to the finished product.

For limited editions we go one step further and apply genuine oil paint to selected areas of the painting to enhance the three-dimensional texture.  Each work becomes an original while still remaining faithful to the artist’s original creation.  In our Signature Collection the original artists hand sign the Brushstrokes® version of their work.  No other reproductive process, that we know of, comes close to a Brushstrokes®…The New Original.  

What Sets Brushstrokes® Apart

In addition to our patented textured process, we offer:

  • A wide selection of the finest frames from top frame manufacturers in the world. (Roma, Omega and Michelangelo Logos). In many cases we have the frames custom designed for our exclusive use. Many of these frames are priced at least 50% below than what you would pay in a frame shop.
  • Each Brushstrokes® comes ready to hang and with a Certificate of Authenticity.
  • Each Brushstrokes® comes with a Lifetime Guarantee on workmanship.
  • Unparalleled customer service.  We are here to make sure your purchasing experience is enjoyable.  We will answer all your questions to your satisfaction.

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Featured Artists

  danielle o'conner akiyama
  Curt Walters
  Amanda Dunbar
  Onyeka Ibe
  Lucia Sarto

Frame Selection

Now you can customize your oil paintings by Brushstrokes®. When viewing any of our oil paintings, you may choose your frame from our wide frame collection. Fine Frame Selection for oil paintings by Brushstrokes

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New Releases

  Living in the Moment by Ford Smith
  Three Little Words by danielle akiyama o'conner
  Fauve Forest by Amanda Dunbar
  Apple Tree with Red Fruit by Paul Ranson
  Girl with Pearl Earring by Jan Vermeer

Portraits by

Portraits by Brushstrokes(r)

Hand painted Textured Oil Paintings
from Cherished Photographs

Original Photo submitted for oil painting portrait by BrushstrokesFinished oil painting portrait by Brushstrokes(r)

Now you can take your favorite traditional or digital photograph and have it re-created as a true hand-painted oil-on-canvas portrait.

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Did you know...

Did you know we offer a 0% interest payment plan spread over 6 months ? Just select the option when you are entering your payment information during checkout.

0% over 6 months

  Did you know our unframed textured oil paintings come ready to frame ? You can also save up to 50% off retail price by selecting a frame from our variety of quality frames and liners manufactured by the top frame manufacturers in the world including, Roma Moulding, Omega, Larson Juhl and Michelangelo Moulding. Many are produced by hand and made exclusively for Brushstrokes®.

  Did you know we offer toll-free Customer Service ? Our Art Consultants are available: Monday to Friday 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM EST

Brushstrokes® Art Consultants Customer Service Available toll-free
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