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Clear Backpacks
Our name says it all. We are the name brand in Clear Backpacks. Our quality bags are very durable and designed for security and safety without giving up style and fashion.
Nothing to Hide? Expedite your airport experience.
Students: Many Schools now require clear backpacks for their students.
Sports Fans: Sports and racing venues may require clear bags for entry.
Employees: Professions requiring searches for entry such as correctional institutions or brick and mortar retail sites require employees to carry clear backpacks or bags.
Travelers: People traveling through airports these days are looking for faster ways to move through the lines!
Everyone: These bags are not just for kids! Besides those who are required to have a Clear Backpack, people will find them much easier to use for everyday purposes. Items which sink to the bottom of the bag can easily be found, parents can see if their kids have all their books and a quick glimpse across the desk can verify if you have packed all your stuff!

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Clear Backpacks are only shipped to US addresses.