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Retro era jewelry - Trendy and affordable!
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About 1928 Jewelry Company:
For over 40 years, 1928 Jewelry has provided affordable jewelry for the fashion savvy consumer. Seasonal looks are influenced from California and New York, to Paris and other parts of Europe, infused with our own originality. We offer a wide range of styles including vintage classic, bohemian, Grecian, antique or Victorian for casual or formal looks. Launched in the mid '90s, and revamped in 2009, our web site offers over 1,800 different products with new styles added weekly. 5% of our net web sales go to charity, currently an animal rescue.

Men's fashion jewelry

hip hop jewelry offering urban styled bling jewelry for men and women.
Black On Black Bling

Carnet de Mode is an international marketplace providing a unique and cutting-edge selection of fashion items.
Discovered here in Paris, the most talented designers of tomorrow present their ready-to-wear and accessory collections. Garments, shoes, leather goods and jewelry with this ineffable French touch.

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ARA Master Watchmaker & Sons!

The place to buy 200 meter diving watches, vintage/collectible watches, and specialty watch bands.

- Specialty Watch Bands: Alligator, Crocodile, Stainless Steel, Leather, and Diving Bands!

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