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Juno provides high quality Internet service for only $9.95* per month - less than the price of AOL**.

Direct access to anywhere on the Internet
Fast, reliable connections and thousands of access numbers
Instant messaging compatibility with popular programs such as AOL Instant Messenger, ICQ, and Yahoo! Messenger
Personalized e-mail address
Junk e-mail filtering

Webmail ? check your Juno e-mail from any computer, anywhere
Bannerless surfing
Fast page loads
Personal start page with news, channels, shopping and more
Join the millions who have discovered the benefits of Juno Platinum. Signing up is easy - you can download Juno Platinum software in less than two minutes and start using the Internet immediately - no waiting!

To sign up today visit!
* Additional phone and live tech support charges may apply.
** Price comparison based upon competitors? standard monthly rate as of 11/1/02.
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