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Junonia Plus Size Active Wear

The Junonia Fit

It's the fit that makes us so unique. At Junonia, all of our apparel is manufactured to our own specifications.

We don't take a smaller-sized sweater and just scale it larger -- we customize each measurement to our exact standards. A garment goes through many fit sessions to fine-tune each size. We do not include a garment in our catalog unless it has passed our fit approval process.

To assure that you'll find the right fit for you, we offer special petite and tall selections as well as silhouettes specific to various body types. And they're all proportioned to REAL women's bodies. One size (or style) does not fit all! We make sure all our clothing gives you a comfortable, flattering fit.

We want you to be able to order our clothes with complete confidence. Every time, you'll know that your new skirt, sweater, or simwsuit will fit you as well as the last time you ordered -- at Junonia, a size 3 is a size 3 is a size 3. Whether you like our roomier offerings or a more tailored look, we know you'll be satisfied with your Junonia purchase and look great in it too!

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