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Killing Crabgrass

Original WOW!<sup></sup><br>[Without Weeds]<br>Pre-Emergence Weed Control

Original WOW!
[Without Weeds]
Pre-Emergence Weed Control

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Once Crabgrass gets foothold in your lawn it can be difficult to fend off (even with the best pre-emergent control products!) However it can be done! Here is what we recommend!

The first step is to purchase Crabgrass KillerThis chemical is formulated to specifically attack the roots of crabgrass! It is a Post-emergence control for grassy weeds in Bermuda, zoysia and bluegrass lawns. It kills crabgrass, sandbur, dallisgrass, johnsongrass, goosegrass, barnyardgrass and more.

This concentrate and will cover up to 4,000 square feet! For Blue Grass mix 2 oz (4 tablespoons) in 1 gallon of water to cover 200 sq. ft. Spot treat the areas that are infested with crabgrass.

The second step is critical for optimal application -- always mix a "Spreader Sticker" with the weed killing chemical.

The "spreader sticker" we recommend is called Wilt Pruf. Mixing a spreader sticker (1 oz. per gallon) with a weed killer will ensure the chemical spreads over the entire foliage area and then sticks! As an added benefit, it will keep an application from washing off during an unexpected spring rain storm!

The weed should begin to wilt and brown within 5 days -- spot treat as needed every two weeks until you have killed off that nasty crabgrass! It should not take more than 2-3 applications to wipe out event he most mature crabgrass.

A couple of other notes: For best results, apply Crabgrass Killer to the lawn in the morning (after dew has dried) on a sunny, calm day to allow maximum absorption of the weed killer. Higher temperatures result in a quicker uptake of this product for faster control. However, do not apply Crabgrass Killer if temperatures exceed 90 degrees. If daytime temperatures are expected to exceed 90 degrees, apply the product in early morning when it is cooler.

The combination of these two products will take care of your weed problem!

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