Plus Size Halloween Costumes for Men and Women

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Plus Size Halloween Costumes for Men and Women

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Flirty Costumes - please check out our large selection of sexy halloween costumes! Over 200 costumes for women and men. Plus sizes too!

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“Trick or Treat?”

Alexandra whirled around to see who had spoken.

He stood in the doorway, dressed in black; black jeans, shirt and leather jacket. Her hot upstairs neighbor was looking as delicious as the first time she had seen him. She blushed as she realized he was staring at her costume, a sexy bunny outfit with ears, cuffs and a fluffy tail on her well rounded bottom. She turned and blushed even more as she saw his gaze travel down her very short black dress to her curvy legs covered in fishnet stockings.

She clutched the bag of candy tighter to her chest and managed to speak. “What was that?” she asked as she met his dark brown eyes.

“I asked if you are a Trick or a Treat,” he said as he took a step closer and held the elevator door open for her. “Look more like a treat to me.”

Alexandra felt shivers run up her spine and smiled, beginning to feel slightly mischievous she teased, “Oh, definitely a treat!”

“Hmmmm, I’m sure you are,” he murmured as he watched her enter the elevator. Following her in, he stood next to her and smiled as she pushed number three. Just being so close to him made Alexandra’s pulse race. She could practically feel the heat coming off his muscular body and felt a thrill as he towered over her - even though she was wearing a pair of 4” high black stilettos!

“So sexy bunny… you gotta name?” he whispered in her ear and leaned in even closer.


School Girl Jumper

Be sexy, sassy and very naughty in this plus size sexy school girl uniform. Be sure to add a pair of red or white panties underneath in case the teacher bends you over his knee!

French Maid Set

Breakfast (or lunch or dinner) in bed has a whole new meaning when you serve the orange juice and croissants wearing this sexy plus size French maid fantasy lingerie outfit and high heel marabou pumps. This fun plus size French maid set includes an underwire teddy with adjustable straps, flirty apron, gloves, lace hair band, and neckband.

Alice in Wonderland

Show off your shapely storybook curves without revealing the happy ending (until you’re good and ready). This powder blue stretch velvet costume says Alice in Wonderland all over, but he’ll know it's going to take more than his Cheshire Cat grin to get into your good graces.

Sexy Pirate

Four piece Sexy Pirate adult costume includes stretch velvet and Spandex dress with lace-up front, feather trimmed hat, eye patch and sword.

Sailor Girl

Ahoy Mate! You may just send a few guys overboard when they see you in this strapless, stretch white twill and gold lurex spandex dress that salutes your shape so appealingly.

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