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rabbits, getting rid of rabbits eating my garden plants

Using Animal Repellents - natural, nontoxic animal repellents for the garden. Deer, Moles, Rabbits & Squirrels, Mosquitoes, even Armadillos.

Save your lawn and garden from these destructive diggers without harming them or the environment. Just sprinkle these castor oil-impregnated clay granules on grass and flowerbeds -- the powerful time-release action goes right to work and repels for a full 60 days. 5 lbs treats 2,500 sq ft

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Mole and Gopher Control
Mole Control, 1 qt

Mole Chaser - Tunneling moles cant stand noise and vibrations in their subterranean haunts. Our Mole Chasers windmill-like fan creates an underground ruckus that sends moles searching for quieter homes elsewhere. Silent above ground Humane and chemical-free

MOSQUITO Killing - The Ultimate Garden Center
Yardiac - The Ultimate Varmint Control Center

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