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(Photos by Mike Joyce)

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As the largest online costume retailer in the world, BuyCostumes knew it would face challenges when the company set out make a name in the party business roughly two years ago. The Party division launched with just 120 themes in May 2006, in comparison to the 200 themes they are carrying currently. Not to mention the plethora of seasonal décor and holiday themed supplies the site now carries. In less than two years, party product offerings and sales have grown so rapidly that has been recognized as the “Online Party Retailer of the Year!” This award was presented at the 5th Annual National Party Retailing Awards in Las Vegas on March 16th 2008.

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Child Costumes

Costume City is an industry leader in costumes, mascots, wigs, masks, makeup, accessories, and props.

Halloween Costumes from CostumeCity.Com

Costume Craze is one of the world's largest online costume retailers. We operate successfully all year round, and so can you! Costumes are not just for Halloween. Christmas, birthdays, Mardi Gras, Easter, St. Patrick's Day, 4th of July, themed parties, conventions, theater productions, and more make costume buying a year-round obsession. People worldwide, everyday love to shop at Costume Craze.

ShindigZ by Stumps - Party Shop
ShindigZ by Stumps - Halloween Party Shop
- With over 38,000 low priced party supplies, decorations, favors and ideas for theme birthdays, parties, holidays, weddings, showers and more - you'll find that we are the World's Largest Online Party Superstore. We'll even create and deliver personalized gifts, vinyl banners and party favors!

 Candy you ate as a kid®
Candy you ate as a kid®

Exclusive Halloween activities and party supplies!

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Halloween Decorations - sure to make any party memorable! - More Product. More Exclusives.

Dr.Seuss Hats

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If you believe life's no fun without a good scare, then you'll be right at home in Halloween Town. Jack Skellington and all his extraordinary friends will be there to greet you!

Welcome to Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas collectible Halloween village. Re-live the story of how Jack tries to bring the joy of Christmas to his hometown with each devishly detailed and hand-painted building. They really light up with ghoulishly glowing colors! Your collectible Halloween village is complete with figurines and accessories inspired by the twisted holiday classic. A Hawthorne Village limited-edition exclusive FIRST.

Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Village by Hawthorne

Inflatable Halloween Yard Décor

Wide Selection of Halloween Costumes at Wal-Mart

Halloween Department at Collectibles Today
Halloween Shop at Collectibles Today

Oya Costumes
We are an internet costumes store operating year round with a great selection of costumes, accessories, masks and our own collection of Costumes. We sell quality license and non-licensed costumes that is not widely available in stores. While Halloween is our largest season, there is demand for our product year round as birthday gifts and for parties, particularly as it is difficult to find costumes in stores outside the Halloween season.

Kid's Bunker Gear
Firefighter Kid's Bunker Gear Set - Includes Helmet, Bib Overalls, Suspenders and Coat. Jr. Police Uniforms also available, Click here.

Personal Creations - Halloween Gifts and Decor

Click for the Warner Bros. Online Shop-WBShop
Warner Bros. Online Shop-WBShop

Batman costumes,watches, lamps and much more! Complete your Batman collection today. Click here for!

Kids Football Uniform Sets(with numbers)Kids love these Costumes!
Kids get to be a member of their favorite team in these great uniform sets! You get a team logo helmet (not intended for actual game play) with foam padding, face mask, and adjustable chin straps. Also included is a 100% double knit polyester team jersey, and a 100% double knit polyester pants with elastic waistband and cuffs. This youth costume will also come with a complete set of 0-9 iron on numbers.
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NCAA Youth Football Costumes

Gag Gifts from The Gag!

Magic Tricks from The Gag!

Pranks & Practical Jokes from The Gag!

Howling Halloween Fun

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Sexy Costumes for Men and Women

Plus Size Adult Costumes for Halloween

Costumes for Infants and Babies

Flirty Costumes - please check out our large selection of sexy halloween costumes! We have over 200 costumes for women and men. Plus sizes too!

Hearthsong has Great Halloween stuff!

Avon Halloween Makeup, Costumes and decorations
Avon Halloween Makeup, Costumes and decorations

Trick or Treat - Torrid Costumes

Torrid Costumes Plus Size

Sexy Costumes
from HipsAndCurves

Create for Less
101 Fun Ideas Book

Pet Costumes Display

Kids Superhero Costumes Display

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Top 10 Costumes for kids

From the movie, "Monsters Inc." Childs Mike Candy Catcher Costume Up to 6T

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Halloween Fun Facts
Historically Speaking
- Halloween, referred to as All Hallows Eve, was originally a pagan holiday in which they honored the dead. It was celebrated on October 31 since this was the last day of the Celtic calendar. The celebration dates back some 2,000 years
- The ancient Celts thought that spirits and ghosts wondered the streets on all Hallows Eve so they began wearing masks and costumes in order to not be recognized as human
- The jack-o-lantern tradition comes from an old Irish folk tale about a man named Stingy Jack. It was said that he was unable to get into heaven and was turned away from the devil because of his tricky ways. So he set off to wander the world looking for a resting place. For light, Stingy Jack used a burning coal ember in a hollowed out turnip. When the Irish immigrated to the U.S. during the Great Potato Famine of 1845-1850, they found that turnips were not as readily available like they were in the homeland. So they started carving pumpkins as a replacement for their tradition.
- On Halloween, Irish peasants would beg the rich for food. For those that refused, they would play a practical joke. So, in an effort to avoid being tricked, the rich would hand out cookies, candy, and fruit – a practice that morphed into trick-or-treating today
All Things Edible
- Of all the candy sold annually, one quarter of it is sold during Halloween time (September – November 10) making it the sweetest holiday of the year.
- Tootsie Rolls were the first wrapped penny candy in America
- The number one candy of choice for Halloween is Snickers
- There are an estimated 106 million potential treat-or-treat stops (i.e., housing units occupied year-round, per the U.S. Census)
- Halloween is the second most commercially successful holiday, beat out only by Christmas
- The U.S. consumer spends upwards of $1.5 billion on Halloween costumes annually and more than $2.5 billion on other Halloween paraphernalia, such as decorations, crafts, etc.

- Candy sales in the U.S. for Halloween average $2 billion annually

- Halloween is the third biggest party day of the year behind New Year’s and Super Bowl Sunday, respectively

- 86% of Americans decorate their homes at Halloween

- Halloween is the 8th largest card sending holiday. The first Halloween greeting is dated back to early 1900 and today consumers spend around $50 million dollars on Halloween cards each year.

- Of the pumpkins marketed domestically, 99% of them are used as Jack-o-lanterns at Halloween

- Approximately 82% of children and 67% of adults take part in Halloween festivities every year
Official Colors
- The official Orange and Black colors of Halloween came from orange being associated with fall harvest and black symbolizing darkness and death.
- There are no words in the dictionary that rhyme with “orange”
Random Thoughts
- In the movie “Halloween” the mask worn by Michael Meyers is actually the mask of William Shatner painted white
- Magician, Harry Houdini died on Halloween, 1926 in Detroit, MI

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